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BOOK OF ABSTRACTS from 10th Mediterranean Congress of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine and 13th National Congress of the Serbian Association of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation (SAPMR), Budva 2013 2013

The President's Welcome

Prof. dr Milica Lazovic

Congress President
SAPMR President


Prof. Jorge Laíns,

MFPRM President

Dear friends and colleagues,

it's a pleasure to announce that, from the 29th of September to the 2nd of October 2013, the 10th Mediterranean Congress of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine as well as the 13th National Congress of the Serbian Association of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation (SAPMR) will take place in Budva, Becici (at the "Splendid – conference & SPA Resort Hotel"). 

The motto of this years congress is "The Rehabilitation Medicine in the Mediterranean Area: Interaction for Rehabilitation", meaning the necessity to intensifie collaboration of regional PRM societies in education, treatment protocols, research and legislation and so to give a new rise of quality of our national rehabilitation services. 

Today, Mediterranean countries are a very big group of countries that enhance Mediterranean sea by southern and eastern part of European, African and western part of Asian continent. There is no such group of countries that have so many different cultures, religions, economic and geographical characteristics and differences that can be gathered on one place and in Physical & Rehabilitation Medicine find their mutual interests and willingness to cooperate and exchange knowledge.

Physical medicine and rehabilitation is now one of the most positive and most dynamic areas of medicine, which led to the development of new methods of rehabilitation, promotion of research and introduction of innovative programs in rehabilitation. PMR has led to the development of assistive technology that is moving out of the ordinary aids to robotics and sophisticated electronic systems for the stimulation, communication, education, environmental control and increased mobility. New technologies have led to a decreased disability, increased independence, better participation and quality of life of chronic patients.

This years meeting is organized under the auspice of Serbian Ministery of Health, Serbian Ministery of Science and Serbian Association of Physicians. The meeting is endorced and under auspice of UEMS, board of Physical & Rehabilitation Medicine. We are convinced that the congress venue is an added value since the Budva & Becici coast offers wonderful sceneries in September and October. 

We therefore invite you to take part at the Congress with scientific works and innovative proposals, thus offering everybody the opportunity to know the rehabilitative activities taking place in the various countries overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

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